Conference display device is important for work efficiency as it collects over 60% perceived information.

LED Virtual Studio Display Solution: Make Your Idea Visualized and Realized.
Are you looking for more possibilities for your creation of virtual film studios or online education ?
7680Hz ultra-high refresh rate, 144Hz high frame rate, and 22bit+ grayscale delivers smooth and sharp pictures to effectively eliminates scanning lines and flickering effect and meet the stringent requirements of shooting scenes. 110% NTSC standard color gamut accurately matches the color gamut of the input content and delivers detail-rich hues and precise natural images. All of the aforementioned features work together to create an immersive experience, which can be created whatever you imagine them to be.
Retail Display Solution: A Simple Way to Improve Customer Experience
How to improve your brand impression and customers experience in a simple way in the store? The pandemic is posing a challenge to the retail industry in terms of driving foot traffic into stores. As a good storyteller, LED walls can grab people’s attention unconsciously to deliver your brand and products.
Conference display device is important for work efficiency as it collects over 60% perceived information.

Since the emergence of the green screen in the early 1930s, there has been a steady stream of technological innovations on film and TV sets, including the Dunning Method and the Sodium Screen Process. But nowadays, virtual production is here to revolutionise filmmaking. With the rapid development of small-pitch LEDs and their increased use in a wider variety of applications, film and television making is entering a new era.

The physical and digital worlds are perfectly connected for music video shoots, DJ sets, or simply simulating flights into outer space, and the ‘real’ has evolved.

XR combines a high-performance LED screen, simultaneous capture and real-time rendering with camera tracking. It allows for the creation of highly realistic content without further post-production.

Premium LED products replace the traditional green screen, allowing for quick content iteration, creating immersive and dynamic shooting scene. They combine perfectly with camera motion tracking to ensure accurate capture and make creativity infinite.

Post time: Jul-20-2022