The powerful function of outdoor full color LED display.

The powerful function of outdoor full color LED display.
The outdoor full-color LED display has the characteristics of high gray scale, high refresh rate and high frame change rate, which brings a natural, smooth and comfortable visual experience; at the same time, the SMD chip lamp bead design can prevent the screen from being stuck, blurred, etc. phenomenon, make the color more uniform, no modularization, present a complete, fine and delicate large-screen picture, and realize the exact display of material information such as the theme of the conference and the promotional video. The high screen brightness feature ensures that the large screen can be clearly displayed in any weather situation, creating stunning visual effects.

With the help of the built-in LED video processor, it can realize signal conversion, convert external image signals into signals that can be accepted by the full-color LED display, and easily realize the image capture, image enlargement, image and text overlay, fade in and fade out, no LED display screen. Various forms of display functions such as seam switching, synchronous follow-up, etc., are more conducive to the venues to display the content of e-sports and various cultural and entertainment activities in a more flexible, diverse and intelligent way, and to exhibit e-sports activities in the venue and promote brand cultural exchanges. has great significance.
Installation and maintenance are always the focus of users' attention. The outdoor P4 small-pitch LED selected by Linsen Video for the venue adopts standardized and serialized design. If there is abnormal light point or module damage during use, the damaged module can be directly disassembled and replaced, which greatly saves money. Post-maintenance costs.

At the same time, the small-pitch LEDs are made of light and thin magnesium-aluminum alloy material, coupled with the high protection level of IP65 and IP54 at the front, even in rainy weather, it can effectively prevent rain and water, protect the module circuit, and avoid leakage and short circuit. ;When encountering high temperature weather, it can also conduct heat dissipation through metal conduction, which greatly improves the heat dissipation rate of the product and avoids the body heating caused by long-term operation.
As the fourth-generation emerging media, small-pitch LEDs combine high-resolution imaging, natural and delicate colors, display video and text, and wide viewing angles. They meet market demands with good stability and powerful performance.

Post time: Jul-20-2022